Reclaimed Lumber/Wood

Most of our lumber is locally sourced. We de-nail, re-saw, and kiln-dry. Our inventory includes White Oak, Red Oak, Chestnut and Hickory.


Wood Slabs Hand-hewn in Lancaster County, PA

At End Grain Design & Reclaimed Lumber, we can customize wood slabs of many different types and sizes. Our wood slabs are repurposed trees that may otherwise have been disposed. The process includes cutting, air-drying, kiln drying and flattening. The drying process alone is three month to a year. What a beautiful way to give these works of nature a new life.

Plank Flooring

We offer customized plank flooring for residential and commercial projects, and can ship items across the country. Choose either reclaimed or new woods. If you are looking for high quality, beautiful and natural plank flooring, get in touch with us today.

Locust Lumber

Locust pavers are a durable and sustainable choice for outside application. Our locust pavers can be found on Wooden Alley in Chicago. They will transform your residential or commercial needs with unique, all-natural beauty.

End Grain

End Grain blocks were used in commercial settings by our forefathers due to their durability.

Our end grain blocks can be found all over world, from The Comcast Center in Philadelphia to Stella McCartney shops worldwide. Because it is reclaimed from old buildings, each block has a unique history and design. Our blocks range in size from 3’ by 3’ to 7’ by 7”, or can be custom-made.

Custom Furniture

We can help you design and build custom furniture, including live edge tables, bar tops, desks and more. End Grain Design & Reclaimed Lumber will supply with high-quality wood for your project. Build it yourself or let us create it for you.

CNC Milling Services

The primary function of our CNC Machine is to flatten and surface slabs up to 6ft wide and 17 ft long. We can provide you with CNC Milling Services to produce parts and items of any shape, size, and design, using high-quality wood products. Get effective wood milling solutions today. 

Kiln Drying

We provide Kiln drying services with our certified kilns which allow us to dry for export. The Kiln is set up to dry slowly to sustain the quality of the wood. We feel this is the most critical steps in the process.  This is like aging wine, the aging builds the quality.